About the Blog

Welcome to Veggie by Season!

This blog was formerly called A Year in the Kitchen, so don't be confused that you're here now!
I started A Year in the Kitchen about three years ago to chronicle my dinners and baking adventures during the first year of marriage. Little did I know, I had found my niche in blogging, and A Year in the Kitchen turned into 3 years in the kitchen! During the first two years of blogging, I made a new dinner each night, a few pastries a week, and was learning how to infuse different cultures and ingredients into my food. I created a personal challenge for myself where I chose a new country each week, learned about it's cuisine and traditional food, and made a few recipes. During this time, I learned so much about ingredient combinations and flavors, and really schooled myself!

About a year ago, I started to really pay attention to where my food was coming from, the farming and ranching practices used to produce them, and I realized that I am truly happiest and myself when I'm a vegetarian. If you read the About the Author section of the blog, you'll see I was a vegetarian for 7 years, then went back to omnivore for 6 years, but now I'm back to vegetarian, most likely for life!

I also have learned so much about eating seasonal, local and organic, and find that this style of cooking and eating is not only beneficial to the earth, but to my budget! Though eating organic can be costly, if it's seasonal produce it's usually cheaper. Occasionally I have to choose between organic and local, and I usually choose local, because many vendors at the Farmer's Market can tell me about their produce and what they use on their farm.
I am on the bubble about joining a CSA, if I do, that will be a feature on the blog. I can purchase the baskets on a week to week basis, so that might be what I choose to do.

So what can you expect on Veggie by Season? 
Frequency: I used to post almost daily... this will no longer be happening. I am going to shoot for quality over quantity. I am going to be searching out interesting recipes and creating innovative, fun food that really showcases the seasonal fare. I am also going to be working on my photography skills, so editing photos will be a bit more work.

Meals: I also am going to be trying to create meals, not just random side dishes and an occasional main dish. I have heard from readers that creating vegetarian meals that don't leave you feeling empty can be a challenge, so I am going to try to blog a meal or menu, and then the individual recipes.

Ingredients: I am going to be really showcasing the fresh, peak of season produce on the blog. Occasionally you'll see a butternut squash recipe in April, but I'm going to try to keep them in the fall, when they're abundant and leave a small carbon footprint.

Automatic Product Reviews: Gone. I am no longer accepting products to review on the blog. However, I will seek out products that I feel are green, organic, seasonal, etc. and mention them on the blog. The products page is where I'll add my favorite brands of products that I use on a normal basis, and pay for out of my own pocket. If companies ask me to review a product, I will accept it but not blog about it. If I find that I like it and use it, I *might* mention it, but I do not guarantee anything.