Sunday, October 18, 2009

Charlotte and Belle

In my last post about moving and adopting dogs, a few people asked for me to post photos. So here are a few of my favorites!

Last night while unpacking, they climbed into my duffle bag and took a nap

Here's one of them awake, together, and not playing! Doesn't happen often.

Here's one of Belle, she's darker and has a white spot on her chest. She's more of a lover, she always has to follow me and sit in my lap.

The always sleep snuggled together. Belle is in the green cupcake collar and Charlotte is in the pink collar.

Here's a few of Pumpkin.
She was trying to chase a lizard up our Magnolia tree.
You can also see the lake on our property, today Charlotte ran through the fence and right into the lake! Luckily my father in law and JJ put some new pieces on the fence and the twins can't get through anymore.

And one more of Pumpkin. She's so happy now that she's in a house with lots of windows and a big backyard! She did not like the apartment, she's very happy to be in our new home :)


Kelly said...

I know you've got a lot to focus on right now so I appreciated you posting those. Very cute.

~Mendie~ said...

They are adorable, I bet they love having a backyard. That was one of the most important things we looked for when buying a house...a fenced in backyard for Emma.

Hope unpacking is going well!

Angie Eats Peace said...


Layne said...

Wow! Your pups are SO adorable!! And so sweet with the curling up together. . . too cute. Congrats again on the new family additions. How does Pumpkin feel about the new additions?

Meredith said...

The dogs are so cute!

Joanne said...

What cuties Ash! So glad they are all getting along.

Sara said...

Oh my gosh....adorable!!

Joanna said...


Erin said...

The new dogs are just adorable! I love how they cuddle together.