Thursday, October 15, 2009

AYITK will be on hiatus..

In the last 1.5 weeks:
-Last Sunday, we adopted 2 dachschunds from an animal rescue that were being fostered. We wanted to wait until we were in the house, but the rescue said now or never.
-On Friday, we set a closing date on the house of 10/23
-On Monday, the upstairs apartment flooded, and it came through our celing, damaged some of our posessions, but ruined the carpet and permanently stained the walls, peeled the paint, and left the apartment smelling like trash.
-The sellers of our new house moved out last weekend, Tuesday morning they agreed to let us move in a week early. Tuesday night I packed half our apartment.
-Yesterday we packed up the rest of our stuff, and my in-laws and their friend helped JJ and I move everything into the new house.
Essentially we went from totally unpacked to moved in 24 hours. I'm a pro at moving... however I don't plan on moving for a L-O-N-G time.
-Today, I woke up in my new home. With my wonderful husband and 3 sweet little girl dogs.

Though I haven't slept much in the past week, my nerves are shot, my books and DVDs were flooded, my kitchen is in boxes and the way we ended up in the house isn't desirable...I'm absolutely thrilled that we are finally in our first home!
Our cable and internet won't be hooked up until Saturday, and like I said, the kitchen is in boxes, so it might take a week or more to get some updates here.

However, I've got big plans coming up with the Holiday season starting and a great new house for entertaining...if I ever get around to unpacking :)


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Wow! What a crazy 1.5 weeks. But, I"m truly so happy for you that you are in your new home - no matter what way you got there. I hope you share photos. I'm dying!

Kelly said...

You crazy thing. I think you definitely deserve a break. I'd love to see pictures of the new doggies when you're back to blogging.

Layne said...

Ditto Kelly, I'd love to see the new pups when you get the time! Congrats on the new house and the new pups! Enjoy!

Joanna said...

oh... perhaps pics of your dog?

KellieBelle said...

Crazy, but best to get it all done! I'm super-impressed and I agree, no more moving for a LONG time! Congrats on all counts!

Meredith said...

I know it is crazy but it has to be exciting. You'll look back on this time later and be amazed at all you did!

Debbie said...

Have a well deserved break....good luck with your new home and looking forward to your new recipes when you return!