Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If you read my other blog, Ash is Fit, you know that things are busy there! I have created a 20 lbs. in 20 weeks weight loss challenge, and there are 167 participants! As excited as I am about it, having two blogs that I'm so passionate about makes life hectic. So I decided to do a little joint effort for the month of April where I can piggyback posts off eachother.

Enter Superfoods.

As I read more and more about health and food, I become more and more passionate about the quality of the foods I eat. If you browse back though this blog, you'll find an abundance of superfoods in my everyday meals. This month, I've decided to choose one superfood or superfood 'sidekick' to blog about each day. I'll either find or create an interesting and new approach to cooking with the day's superfood. Some recipes will contain a few superfoods and sidekicks, but the more the better! I will then create a post on my Fit Blog about the benefits and nutritional information about the superfood or sidekick.

Throughout the month I will also be throwing out some general information about superfoods and antioxidants!

If you'd like, you can add the button (on the left in the layout) to your blog and link back to here or my fit blog to let your readers know about superfoods month.

Thank you so much to Emily for creating the banner and button for me :) She's amazing!


Mrs. D said...

That's great, can't wait to learn more about super foods!

Kelly said...

Fun announcement. I've always been impressed that you've been able to manage both blogs. The challenge also sounds like a fun idea.