Monday, September 22, 2008

Announcement: Autumn Treat Packages

Dear Friends and Family,
I have had so many of you ask me when I’m going to be sending out treat packages again. While I’m glad you all love my baked goods, it gets pricy mailing them out and packaging them.
However, I don’t want that to keep me from sending you treats and baking! I decided the best way to deal with this is I will foot the bill for the baked goods, and I’m asking you to pay for the shipping and packaging.
Here is a little order form for my next round of baked goods. I hope that everything sounds appealing to you! I’m not opening this to strangers because of legal reasons with having Pumpkin in our house and not being licensed to sell food from home, however if you have any friends who won’t sue me (not that I have anything to take!) then please pass this along to them. I’d be happy to send packages to anyone, anywhere! If this goes well, I plan to do it each season to help get some experience and business.
I honestly hate making people pay, but I think you all understand that if you lived in Bloomington, I’d hand deliver it for free. Also, if I have you pay for shipping, I don’t have to leave anyone out of my mailings.
Happy Fall and Thanks for supporting me!

If you have trouble opening that link, leave me a comment or send me an email and i'll email you an order form!


Melissa said...

Oh darn it! I'm a stranger! ha! Oh well, those sweets wouldn't help me lose weight anyway. :-)

Kelly said...

That's a smart way of doing things. I love sending care packages, but I hear you on the shipping! I've been waiting for the weather to cool down so I can send my former interns some homemade chocolates, but am not looking forward to knowing how much the postage comes out to!

Claire said...'re going to have a busy couple of days baking! I left you an award at my site.

TxTricia said...

sigh... Like Melissa above, I'm a stranger. Sounds so yummy, and we down here in Houston could use a touch of Autumn! Guess I'll have to introduce myself and beome a friend so that I can receive treats one day!! Hope your friends and family realize how lucky they are...

Tiff said...

They all sounds so good!!! If I promise not to sue you, will you send me some? :)