Friday, April 4, 2008

Country Challenge Winner - #7


Fiji came in 3rd place in my poll last month for April's country challenge. I have really enjoyed learning about Fiji, a country that I really knew nothing about! When I told my brother-in-law I was learning about Fiji, he told me all he knew was that they're big giant cannibalistic warriors. It is true that they were cannibals, but it was merely used to humiliate and scare the competing tribe, not as a form of sustenance. What Fijians are also historically known for was their wonderful ship building, and their lack of sailing skills.

There have been historic findings of pottery on the islands from 1000 BC, though Europeans didn't inhabit the islands until the 1800's. Fiji was under British rule until 1970, when it declared independence. In September, 2001, democracy was won in Fiji, and a general election was held. Fiji, though small, is a major contributor to the UN's peacekeeping missions.

The countries population is just under one million. The national language is English. Fiji is made up of over 300 small islands, of which 100 are actually inhabited. About 75% of the countries population lives in Suva, the capitol city of Fiji.

About the cuisine - Root vegetables, fruit, pigs, and spices are the most common ingredients in Fijian cuisine. Lovos, or earth ovens, are a very common way to prepare food. This is made from taking heat resistant stones and placing them in the ground. Chinese, European, and Indian dishes now are a large part of every day Fijian cuisine. Their food is based largely on spices and fresh ingredients. Enjoy my selections from Fiji!

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Summerfj said...

Hi Ashley

I am from Fiji. It's interesting to note that you are researching on Fiji. Let me know if you want an insiders guide :) I used to read your blog AshIsFit.