Saturday, February 23, 2008

Country Challenge #1 - Thailand


Thailand was voted as my first amazing race country! I have enjoyed researching Thai culture and food much more than I anticipated I would! One thing I learned is there are 4 main regions of Thailand, the North, Northeast, Central, and Southern. Each region uses traditional ingredients, as well as ingredients specific to the region. I have learned that most Thai dishes incorporate coconut milk and fish sauce, the basis of Thai cooking. Thai cooking is also traditionally very spicy, and Thai people often find that Americanized Thai food is not nearly as spicy as it should be. Luckily I love spicy food!

Seafood is very dominant in Thai cooking, however I don’t eat fish, so I chose to prepare chicken and tofu dishes. I was also surprised to find that Broccoli is not found in Thailand, however all of the Thai food I eat in America has broccoli. Another fact I was surprised by was noodles aren’t a traditional Thai ingredient. Pad Thai is an American version of Thai, and not at all authentic. Rice noodles are now found in Thai cooking in Thailand, they were most likely brought by the Chinese.

I hope you enjoy my selections and I very much appreciate everyone voting!

I have always used Thai Kitchen products. They taste great, they're authentic, and they always have coupons in the Sunday paper. Here are a few of the products I used:

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